Revolutionary friction reduction technology

Lofrix Eco Gel Bottle
Improves engine life
Improve fuel economy and performance
Proven toreduce emissions

Benefits of LOFRIX ECO GEL:

Reduced friction:

  • Increased power
  • Significant reduction in emissions
  • Reduced wear on engine components
  • Increased fuel economy

Removes engine resins and carbon deposits:

  • Further friction reduction (see above)
  • Increased engine reliability and longevity

Bonds with and protects metallic surfaces:

  • Significantly increases lifespan of costly engine components

LOFRIX ECO GEL is not a conventional oil additive. Lofrix Eco Gel is a particulate-free revolutionary surface treatment – it protects the metallic components in your engine, creating a long lasting barrier to wear, significantly improving performance while decreasing friction and metal fatigue.

Application is easy – simply pour the contents of this bottle into the engine oil.

50% reduction in emissions

For over 20 years Lofrix technology has been used to reduce damaging friction in a wide range of industrial applications, resulting in lower cost and a smaller carbon footprint. Our product family has more than 18,000,000 hours of successful, failure-free use in a variety of industries, and has solved some of the most challenging engineering problems along the way.

LOFRIX ECO GEL is our most recent product, intended primarily for use in motor vehicles, a huge source of toxic emissions. After successful extensive testing, our unique technology is now available to play its part in the ongoing global effort to reduce airborne pollution and mitigate the effects of climate change. We are confident that by using LOFRIX ECO GEL you will make a significant contribution to improving the environment and at the same time save yourself money, protect your vehicle and improve its performance.


"I have tested the exhaust emissions of around 100 vehicles after their engines have been treated with
LOFRIX ECO GEL, and in virtually every case, the level of emissions has been significantly lower following treatment.”

John Chetham, MOT Inspector

"The results of the laboratory testing that I have undertaken clearly show that Lofrix has significant wear reducing capabilities in harsh engineering conditions.”

Andrew Ball, Professor of Diagnostic Engineering, University of Huddersfield