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Improves fuel economy & performance

LOFRIX ECO GEL saves you money. You will use less fuel for your journeys, getting more miles per gallon. Users report that vehicles treated with LOFRIX ECO GEL can save between 2% and 10% of fuel, sometimes more.

LOFRIX ECO GEL will also help guard against engine failures by significantly reducing friction and increasing the efficiency of your engine and making components last longer.

These savings will add up to more cash in your pocket – and less fuel used means less emissions

LOFRIX ECO GEL only needs to be re-applied at each oil change. In the period between one oil change and the next, LOFRIX ECO GEL will maintain your engine’s oil quality and continue to provide you with the same level of reduced emissions, fuel savings, engine protection and improved performance.

PROVEN to reduce emissions

We all look forward to a world where vehicles do not pollute our environment. Unfortunately, the reality is that conventional diesel and petrol vehicles are likely to be on our roads for decades to come. The World Health Organisation reports that in 2016 alone 4,200,000 deaths were attributed to air pollution worldwide, which clearly supports the need to reduce airborne pollution from our streets, where in urban areas between 50% and 90% is estimated to come from vehicle exhausts.

Cutting emissions saves lives and reduces the dangers to our children, the elderly and the vulnerable. As proven on DVSA-approved equipment, LOFRIX ECO GEL reduces diesel particulate and gaseous emissions on average by well over 50%, as well as lowering petrol emissions by similar large amounts.

Extends Engine Life

LOFRIX ECO GEL protects your engine, as less friction means less wear and tear. Huddersfield University’s independent report into the Lofrix technology showed that it reduces wear on moving metal surfaces when added to lubricating oil. When added to your engine oil, it bonds with and protects the internal metallic surfaces, whilst removing harmful build-up of resins and other deposits.

LOFRIX ECO GEL offers a long lasting solution if your engine is re-treated each oil change. In addition to the economic and environmental benefits already mentioned, your engine will continue to provide more power, be more responsive and give you a better driving experience.